Infrastructure Advisories

GlobalWorks also completes specialist advisory and technical assistance projects, primarily aimed at rationalizing and improving infrastructure sector performance, and enhancing the operations, efficiency and accountability of utilities and implementing institutions. 
GlobalWorks has also completed detailed economic, environmental and social assessments relating to infrastructure development, including advisories in the power, transport, water supply and waste management sectors.








Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Plan, Philippines
Approximately 30 percent of the population do not have access to safe water supplies or sanitation, largely caused by resource planning deficiencies, institutional constraints, and the lack of financial resources.
Preparation of a nationwide, medium term water supply and sanitation sector plan and  associated frameworks, in order to improve institutions, support decentralization, strengthen financial management capabilities, and support community participation approaches.
The national sector plan will result in improved living conditions through enhanced access to safe water supplies and sanitation.


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