Renewable Energy

GlobalWorks develops small scale on- and off- grid conventional and renewable power systems including biofuels, biomass and hydroelectric technologies. It covers the full spectrum of feasibility assessment, from initial energy sector reviews through to physical asset design and project financing.
Capabilities include:  
- Sector planning and analysis
- Demand analysis, economic assessment
- Physical system planning, engineering design
- Investment formulation, programming
- Financing, cost recovery, tariff development
- Institutional reform, capacity building, training
- CDM review
- Public-private sector initiatives








Renewable Energy Project, Burkina Faso
Providing comprehensive infrastructure development assistance for a major Jatropha biofuels initiative, which is programmed to accelerate production to 300 million liters per year by 2018.
Development of infrastructure systems including community collection, storage, transportation and processing of biofuels products, plus renewable power generation utilizing biofuels and biomass technologies.
Destined to be one of the largest biofuels initiatives in West Africa, the project will provide a renewable alternative to imported fossil fuels, support economic growth, and create livelihoods in rural communities nationwide.


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