Solid Waste Management

GlobalWorks’ solid waste management expertise ranges from large urban municipal systems, to micro-scale solutions for rural communities.  It specializes in developing technical systems and support programs which are affordable for developing economies, yet provide internationally-recognized levels of environmental protection. Its solutions cover the full spectrum of waste reduction, segregation, recycling, collection, transfer, treatment and disposal.
- System planning, demand assessments
- Waste stream analysis, waste characterization
- Waste reduction and recycling strategies
- Waste collection, treatment and disposal systems
- Environmental compliance, monitoring, remediation
- Community based solid waste management
- Regulatory enforcement, institutional development
- Public-private sector initiatives




Metro Manila Solid Waste Management Project, Philippines
The Metro Manila solid waste system, which generates over 6,000 tons of waste per day, requires urgent reforms to mitigate system-wide deficiencies.
Sector-wide improvement recommendations relating to public and community awareness, waste analysis, recycling and markets, waste disposal, institutions, medical waste, and laws, regulations and enforcement.
Recommendations were disseminated nationally and internationally, raising awareness of sector issue and solutions through reports, workshops, seminars,, conferences, and media and website publications.


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