GlobalWorks’ transportation capabilities encompass single- and multi- modal (land, civil aviation and ports/maritime) transport sector development, including integrated institutional, regulatory, legislative, economic, financial, technical, social and environmental assessment. 
Capabilities include:
- Transport demand analysis and planning
- Engineering feasibility assessment and design
- Cost recovery and financing
- Strengthening service delivery institutions
- Public-private sector initiatives
- Transport information system development
- Environmental and socioeconomic assessment
- Regulatory and legislative policy formulation








Pre-Feasibility Study in Urban Transport, Cochin, India
As one of India’s rapidly expanding coastal cities and economic drivers, the city of Cochin requires immediate rehabilitation of its urban transport systems.
Formulation of an innovative US$ 120 million integrated urban transport investment program, incorporating priority bus system improvements, pedestrian precincts, and an integrated high speed ferry service to serve coastal areas.
The investment program will dramatically improve mobility for Cochin’s urban residents, contributing significantly to the city’s economic growth prospects.


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