Water Supply & Sanitation

GlobalWorks develops water supply and sanitation systems for a range of urban and rural settings, utilizing a wide spectrum of technologies.
Capabilities include:
- Water and sanitation sector planning
- Service delivery assessments
- Feasibility assessments and technical design
- Investment project formulation
- Financial and cost recovery analysis
- Tariff and tariff management system development
- Stakeholder consultation, participation,  involvement
- Strengthening implementing institutions
- Reducing unaccounted-for water
- Building regulatory and enforcement capacity



SC Western Uzbekistan Water Supply System Development Project

Challenge                                                                        Support the Government of Uzbekistan improve its water supply services in the Karakalpakstan, an autonomous republic of Uzbekistan

Upgrade and expand water supply networks, improve climate change awareness and resilience, build institutional capacity, and strengthen the sustainability of the RK’s water supply and sanitation (WSS) utility company.  Municipal water supply services in Karakalpakstan are provided by a regional WSS utility, the State Unitary Enterprise Department for Operation of Interregional Water Supply Tuyamuyun-Nukus (TN).

Impacts                                                                            The project will support the government’s WSS reform program by helping to improve TN’s institutional capacity while revitalizing its regional water supply system. It will benefit about 400,000 inhabitants in six urban districts and 116 settlements outside the urban districts by providing reliable and safe water supply through universal metered household connections.

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